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#MediaRelationsFail for Dating App Tinder

Dating App Tinder Strikes Out with Auto Download

Tinder is some of dating app. It bills itself as “real life, but better.” I guess if you’re in the dating market, you’re looking for something better than your status quo, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that life with Tinder is better than real life.

What isn’t better is the seriously dumb decision to make its press kit an auto-download.

The Tinder website is very simple; influenced no doubt from the original Dropbox website. The site design is on the far side of Spartan without many behavioral or navigation options beyond downloading the app or watching something called #itStartsHere. (I assume that’s the Tinder equivalent of those eHarmony testimonial videos of people who married sometimes after completing their eHarmony questionnaire).

On the bottom of the page are a couple of links – Press, Content, Jobs, Privacy and Terms. I clicked on Press, and it launched an auto download of some zip file. A bit stunned, I stopped the 16.5MB download. Can you say spammy?

Tinder Media Relations Fail

Ignoring the Permission in Permission Marketing

OK, I assume that the marketing girl at Tinder has never heard of the term Permission Marketing. Because permission is what you need to get before zinging someone with a digital press kit. It’s a press kit, after all; of almost zero importance to 98% of site visitors.

Media people, those most likely to click on this link, are already inundated by information and files. Figuratively pouring a bucket of Tinder corporate collateral on their heads won’t engender the warm and fuzzies and get you closer to an effusive product review. #MediaRelationsFail.

So why insist on delivering it without the recipient’s approval? Absolutely no idea.  Note to other startups; don’t stretch the goodwill of people by making assumptions on what they want. It is way easier to just post all of the media-related content on one page called “Media Center” or “Press.”