Skills: Product Mktg

Blog: Chirrpy (First-Person Testimonial)

A first-person blog post of a customer’s first experience with your product or service is a convincing way to deliver your key messaging points. It’s an approach to customer success marketing that more companies should use.

First-person reviews and testimonials are hard to beat when it comes to customer success marketing. It’s one thing to state that customer X had a great time, it’s quite another to have the same person sign his/her name to a 600-word “my–first-time-with-your-product-and-I-loved-it” review. The believability score jumps.

This is what I produced for Chirrpy, an online event ticketing startup. A Chicago-area customer had switched from a ticketing competitor after five years in January 2013, and had promptly sold out its largest beer festival of the year. It made for a great story. I decided to write a “case study” in the first person because it provided a platform for stronger messaging, both in terms of product marketing and competitive positioning. When the words are coming from the customer, you can make the claims much stronger and bolder.

Bold the Key Points to Facilitate Skimming
It’s a long post, but it covers the entire user experience, and allowed us to hit all of the key messaging points. Prospects are not homogenous; you’ve got to find out what their particular issue or concern is. A long post, with the key points bolded to facilitate skimming, should be able to address almost everyone’s most important concerns.