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Blog: FastPivot (Order Motion Acquisition)

Struggling to find something to blog about? Look around your industry, or an associated industry. You’ll not lack for material to write about. You’ll find news, partnerships, product releases, technology adoption trends, new company launches, metrics and data, marketing campaigns, financial reports, and on and on and on.

I wasn’t struggling for a topic, however, when I wrote this blog post for FastPivot on an important acquisition in the ecommerce software vertical. NetSuite’s acquisition of OrderMotion to fill in some functionality holes in its ecommerce platform is a noteworthy (and blog-worthy) bit of news. It suggests that niche companies with narrow product functionality are going to have work harder as the large platform providers look to offer more soup-to-nuts functionality to online retailers. It is not unlike the rationalization that occurred in the network security industry after 2002/2003 when point solutions vendors were acquired by behemoths like RSA and Verisign and McAfee.