Skills: Corporate Mktg

Branding-Attracta (renaming and new visual identity)

Before there was an Attracta, there was an This was Attracta’s name when I joined as Director of Marketing. It was wanting.

One of my first projects was renaming and visual rebranding. Fortunately, the company had little traction so there weren’t any entrenched and established perceptions to overcome. Meaning that the product was far more mature and solid than the marketing and messaging. After internal discussions about our expected product roadmap and sales path, I got to work on ideation, a fancy marketing term of coming up with ideas and names.

Getting Friendly with WhoIs
My objective was a corporate name that spoke to the overall value of our service, which was helping websites of all types rank higher in organic search results. After hundreds and hundreds of searches through the WhoIs database of registered .com domains, and trademark and IP database research, I generated an initial list of several dozen options. A presentation to fellow managers of the most promising options led to a cull and a short list of ten.

From there, we refined the list to a handful, and finally settled on spelling variations of Attracta. With two of the most important variations registered overseas, I began negotiations with the respective owners of and A little over six thousand dollars later, and some payment assistance from, I bought the two domains, and became

Got Name, Need Logo
The name change was followed by a visual branding exercise with our in-house designer that produced this logo. I then worked with the CEO on a positioning tag line exercise that produced the “Search Visibility Technology” summary. The graphic designer integrated our new tag line into his original design to produce the logo used by Attracta.

This is how we ended up with what you see here and on Producing a new visual identity is a lot more time-intensive than you might expect, but the result is worth it. I don’t know if would have seen the three million signups and registrations that Attracta has.