Skills: Product Mktg

Case Study: ScanAlert (Omni Hotels)

Case studies are one of the most important and fundamental components of B2B marketing. Along with testimonial quotes/interviews, and white papers on use cases, implementation and ROI, case studies allow vendors to enlist their customers as storytellers. (If you aren’t using customer success marketing front and center on your website and in your prospecting and closing, you need to start NOW).

Leveraging a Top-Tier Brand Within a Vertical
Omni Hotels was a fantastic customer win because it provided ScanAlert with a very visible and upscale travel industry brand. The A/B testing clearly showed that upscale travelers were sensitive to online security concerns and would respond to reassurance provided by a trustmark.

I researched and wrote a case study for the ScanAlert enterprise sales force to use when pitching travel industry prospects. The case study, along with other marketing collateral and messaging, was used in a vertical sales focus on travel that included attendance at a number of industry trade shows and industry-specific media relations activities.

Omni was such as good reference customer (including for a variety of demographic reasons), we even ended up using the test data and some great quotes from Omni Hotel’s Director of Ecommerce Kerry Kennedy in non-travel marketing.

Postscript: You’d definitely call Omni Hotels a happy customer. Six years later, the company continues to be a McAfee SECURE customer. Here’s the proof.