Skills: Mktg Communications

Channel Marketing Playbook: Attracta

Successful channel marketing and business development programs require a lot of marketing support, whether it is during pre-sales, partner training, on-boarding, or on-going. Depending on your sales strategy, and product complexity, you might have to produce sales documents, PowerPoint decks, call-to-action buttons for integration into your partner’s dashboards, digital sales collateral, email content, and sales templates. (This is not an inclusive list by any means).

Much of what you produce will depend on how your product or service will be integrated into your partner’s business. The biggest issue affecting this is how tightly your offering will be integrated into their business. There are too many variables to form a standard that you can follow in terms of how they’re going to promote your product/service. Given that, the simplest objective for you, however, is to grab as much marketing real estate in the client’s portal, dashboard or website as you can. Remember, they can always say “no.”

Help Your Channel Partners Succeed
The Channel Marketing Playbook I developed while Attracta’s Director of Marketing was a marketing asset for the webhosts participating in our channel marketing program. I wrote it as a go-to-market document to ensure the correct messaging was deployed by partners on their websites and in their portals and dashboards as part of the implementation process. It also served as a reference guide/FAQ for their sales and customer service reps.

The document was delivered to partners in a zip file that included all of the associated graphic assets (web pages, files, images and icons) required to successfully promote and educate their customers on the value of using Attracta’s SEO services.

In addition to writing the playbook, I provided most of the copywriting for the other channel marketing program assets, such as recommended landing pages and sales scripts, that our graphic designer created.