Skills: Public Relations

Contributed Article: Art + Farm Wine (Enterprising Women)

Opportunities to place contributed articles are everywhere. From the New York Times’ famous op-ed page, to your local newspaper. Come up with a captivating or educational topic, write a one-paragraph summary/pitch, then start talking to editors and bloggers about submitting something you know their readers will find interesting.

I’ve placed many contributed articles, editorials, blog posts, and case studies in a variety of media. The key issue was and remains to make sure what you’re submitting is relevant to the ultimate audience, the readers of the editor or blogger whom you’re pitching. I researched the back story pitched an article, and wrote and submitted the draft that was published.

The story of a Napa winemaker who came within the thickness of a grapeskin of dying in a car accident, then recovered to continue the growth of her nascent winery, is going to catch the eye of female entrepreneurs. That’s why the editors of Enterprising Women were interested in a “triumph over adversity” story about Kat McDonald and her husband Rob.

Contributed Articles Need a Purpose
Contributed articles need to be a strategic exercise. They usually require a lot of time to research and write, so they need to support your larger branding, thought leadership, and demand generation programs. Here is why this contributed article made strategic sense to my client:

Enterprising Women is a magazine devoted to businesswomen and female entrepreneurs. The girls in the vineyard brand (one of several wine labels produced by Art + Farm Wine of Napa, CA) is very popular with women. Kat McDonald is a partner in the winery, and a mother of two, who spent weeks in the hospital following the accident. Combine this and you can easily justify placing this contributed article.