Skills: Corporate Mktg

Web Content: Nextopia (Why Nextopia)

If you’re a B2B company, how can you convince prospects to choose you over an alternative?

You need to answer one question “Why you?” Really answer it.

A prospect has a checklist of concerns and questions and issues. Price, functionality, vendor trust, ease of use, technical compatibility, configurability, training, implementation and support are just some of the pre-sale considerations.

One of the easiest tactical ways to answer their questions is to create a single page on your website that incorporates customer success marketing, product marketing and marketing communications. Structure your “Why Choose Us” page into sections that address your prospects’ varying concerns. Use different media. be liberal with testimonials. Make the content for both readers and skimmers.

Here is a single webpage I developed that explains the myriad reasons to choose Nextopia Software if you’re looking for site search and merchandising. I wrote all of the copy, as well as produced three of the four videos.

I didn’t have as much input on the graphic design as I would have liked. I think the page layout is too busy, and would have benefitted from couple of additional iterations. What you see is a good version 1.0, but I would have iterated this more to ultimately produce a cleaner layout.