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Customer Success Marketing: Nextopia (BrickHouse Security)

I’m a huge, huge believer in customer success marketing, particularly, in B2B marketing. Use the customer’s voice to promote your product or service.

Here is an example of how you leverage the experience of a single customer by creating multiple channels through which you deliver, essentially, the exact same story. The great thing about customer success marketing is that you usually only have to interview the customer once. It is a very efficient process. Spend 15-20 minutes on the phone, and you’ll gather enough information to create a customer success program like I did for Nextopia Software.

From One Conversation Comes Much
The customer was Brickhouse Security. It is an online retailer of personal and home security products. I had one fairly long (about 25 minutes) interview with Director of Acquisition Ryan Urban. Then I started writing and pitching.

Additionally, we were also able to capture a ten-minute video interview with Ryan’s boss, CEO Todd Morris. The footage was captured as part of a customer testimonial video shoot I suggested Nextopia organize at one of the industry’s big trade shows. I created a list of questions for each Nextopia customer, and had one of the off-camera camera crew ask them. I sliced and diced the interview footage into a 5-minute clip that pretty much addresses every significant concern/question a retailer will have while evaluating Nextopia’s site search service. Watch the result, and the other video testimonials I produced.

The result of my interview with Ryan and Todd’s interview on camera was the following:

    1. Print case study
    2. Article in Internet Retailer
    3. Video testimonial
    4. Quotes on Nextopia’s Customer Buzz page.

    That’s an excellent ROI for the effort!