Skills: Mktg Communications

e-Learning Course: McAfee (Sales Training on Web Security Group Solutions)

Understanding McAfee Web Security Group Solutions was a 55-page PPT deck I created as a standalone e-Learning course. The course included short modules with optional quizzes or interactive exercises, and a required course exam. After achieving a passing grade on the exam, a course completion certificate could be downloaded and printed.

Before it was posted online in McAfee’s e-Learning library, the material was presented at an August 2008 sales conference to educate McAfee’s Consumer and Small Business sales force about McAfee’s Web Security Group product family.

The course began by reviewing key motivators in the security marketplace and the relevant customer business problems. It then discussed target customers and how to qualify and sell to those prospects, the key product/service features and benefits, and how to match customers’ business problems to the WSG offerings.

The document and course content was for “Internal Use Only” so the details cannot be shown publicly.