Skills: Demand Generation

eBook: SmartTurn (Inventory Management Best Practices)

What originally started out as an ad hoc series of educational blog posts on a variety of warehouse management topics, evolved into a top-performing lead generation program for SmartTurn, a SaaS warehouse management system developer.

The project was originally conceived as a series of educational blog posts. The intended audience was comprised of owners and managers of small warehousing and logistic operations, the target market for SmartTurn’s SaaS offering. Each post was between 1,400 and 2,500 words, and written in voice and tone similar to the For Dummies series of books.

From Blog to Book
Over a 14-month period, I wrote 15 posts, each a standalone chapter. After the final version was published, I began organizing the content into a formal eBook. I added an introduction and conclusion, and a formal table of contents. Additionally, I updated each chapter to take advantage of access to a print graphic designer who was able to make it far more visually appealing than it had been in a blog format.

The entire project ended up as an 82-page ebook on inventory and warehouse management best practices. The content in a highly successful content marketing/lead generation program SmartTurn ran in 2010/2011, the ebook delivered one of the best ROI numbers of all of the lead generation activities implemented in those years.

The last image is the landing page form developed by SmartTurn’s marketing department. I didn’t write it, but it gives you an idea of how the offer was extended and promoted to the target audience.