Skills: Demand Generation

Landing Page Optimization: McAfee (McAfee SECURE ROI)

Landing page optimization is the way to maximize the effort you’re expending to drive traffic to your site, by turning the maximum number of visitors into registrations, leads, product trials and sales.

This is an example of a landing page I developed while a McAfee Program Manager. I wrote it for a marketing audience, emphasizing the conversion-boosting effects of website security certification, courtesy of the McAfee SECURE service.

The page copy and design incorporates social proof; the 80,000 McAfee SECURE sites; ROI data, the 1,000+ A/B tests; and aspirational validation, the use of McAfee SECURE by the most successful online retailers.

Leads were captured and distributed through McAfee’s internal CRM system to the outbound sales force. I drove traffic to the page using PPC keywords associated with website traffic and conversion.