Skills: Public Relations

Media Relations: Nextopia (La Senza case study)

Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, you need to make customer success marketing a central part of your marketing program. Think of Subway’s marketing since 2000. You can’t separate it from the personal narrative of Jared Fogle, who lost hundreds of pounds eating Subway sandwiches.

Case studies are the core of customer success marketing. They are a vehicle to deliver an experiential perspective of the product or service you sell. Use your customers’ voices and experiences to illustrate the benefits of your product or service. Deliver them using case studies, testimonials (short and long quotes, video interviews, and profiles), media interviews, and white papers.

Integrating Your Messaging into Customer Success Marketing
When you enlist your customers as storytellers, you have an opportunity to weave your entire value proposition into the narrative. You can include product messaging, ROI metrics, competitive advantages, pricing issues, on-boarding and support experiences. As you draft a case study, you can deliver your entire marketing platform through the context of this one happy customer.

Place a case study (or customer interview) in the media, and you can end up with this La Senza profile on behalf of Nextopia Software. I researched the customer experience, interviewed La Senza’s VP of Ecommece Monica Salinas, summarized the key points, pitched the editor, and organized the interview.

It appeared in STORES, the trade magazine published by the National Retail Federation. Almost every reader is a logical prospect for Nextopia’s site search and product merchandising services. The impression left with readers goes something like this; “huge North American chain store retailer loves great ROI from Nextopia Software.”

How else, beyond advertising in the publication, can you get this kind of exclamatory statement in front of prospects? “It’s really a perfect marketing tool.” That’s convincing validation, isn’t it?

Extending the Customer’s Voice to Other Media
Depending on the willingness of your client, you can extend the case study into other marketing tactics, such as a retailing Best Practices webinar, trade show speaking engagements, contributed articles, social media, and blog posts.

All you need to get started with customer success marketing is one customer.