Skills: Mktg Communications

Web Content: ScanAlert (Petco Success Story)

Petco was one of ScanAlert’s early enterprise-sales successes. Then-Petco VP of Ecommerce John Lizarchic was interested in evaluating whether the position of the HACKER SAFE trustmark affected its affect on shopping behavior. (It did). Three A/B tests were run with the biggest impact realized when the trustmark image was above the fold and to the right. I used the test data throughout our marketing, borrowing the “Eye Level is Buy Level” mantra in brick and mortar retailing.

I created sales sheets, generated media placements, and wrote the online copy shown here. It is a webpage used in our affiliate marketing program that showed how the different positions produced three different results.

It also produced important publicity and sales results for ScanAlert. Marketing Sherpa ran a case study that produced dozens of inbound sales inquiries and tens of thousands of dollars in revenue, and the data was used for several years to convince retailers of all sizes to place the trustmark in a prominent position on their sites.