Skills: Product Mktg

Product Brochure: IPfolio (SaaS for IP management)

In March 2012, Unycom Gmbh decided to spin off its SaaS operations in the USA as an independent company. IPfolio, heretofore defined as a SaaS offering from an enterprise software developer in Austria, became IPfolio, a nimble startup headquartered in a cool office in Berkeley, CA.

With a product offering that we had already positioned as “a fresh new approach to IP,” the visual look and feel for the newly independent company demanded a similarly fresh look. This is what you see here.

I had previously written an IPfolio product brochure when we launched the service several months earlier under the Unycom corporate banner. I revised the copy and crafted a corporate background for the new startup. The graphic designer took both and made a product brochure that absolutely jumped out in the otherwise conservative world of intellectual property management. It’s worked, as the IP market has really embraced IPfolio as a vendor and as a service.