Skills: Public Relations

Contributed Article: ScanAlert (Internet Retailer)

The results of A/B tests that ScanAlert ran to determine the effect on online shopping behavior of the presence or absence of the HACKER SAFE trustmark figured prominently in the company’s marketing, public relations, SMB sales and enterprise sales activities. Over the years, hundreds of A/B tests showed that the presence of the trustmark image provided an important conversion lift.

The test methodology, a simple A/B test using a persistent 30-day cookie, also enabled the identification of an online shopping curiosity-that many shoppers would return after their first visit to buy. We tracked the passage of time between first visit (receipt of cookie) and purchase, and coined the term “Digital Window Shopping” to characterize the period.

This clip is a contributed article that appeared as a thought leadership piece in Internet Retailer, the Bible of the online retailing industry. The editorial highlighted the aggregated data and behavior observed in the A/B tests, and provided perspective on how retailers could respond to the findings.

I pitched the project to the Internet Retailer editorial staff, and researched and wrote the article. Two-and-a-half years after it appeared, McAfee acquired ScanAlert for $51 million.