Skills: Mktg Communications

Sales Playkit: McAfee (MidMarket Sales)

It takes a lot of sales reps to sell a billion dollars worth of software and services. McAfee employed a lot.

In the marketing lexicon of many large IT companies like McAfee, a playkit is a sales guide for the men and women who sell. A play kit summarizes situations and opportunities, and recommends words and behaviors. For example, it might be three suggestions for how to respond if a prospect indicates they’re considering a competitor.

I produced a number of sales playkits while a McAfee Program Manager. This is an eight-page playkit designed to help the midmarket reps sell McAfee SECURE Managed Scanning during Q3 2008. It
provides details on customers, talking points, a play progression and likely outcomes, a list of sales tools and links to them, a call cheat sheet, and email and voice mail templates.

Use of the kit was restricted to “Internal Use Only” so the actual document cannot be shown.