Skills: Product Mktg

Customer Success Marketing-ScanAlert (Customer Wins)

This is customer success marketing at its simplest. It is a two-page handout showing adoption of HACKER SAFE certification by America’s top online retailers and the conversion increases measured during testing.

ScanAlert’s elevator pitch was “we secure your website against hackers and certify it to your customers who will be more comfortable buying from you,” so it was vital to show proof and support this claim. Thus, was born the A/B test to determine the effect of the appearance or absence of the HACKER SAFE trustmark on conversion.

Over time, I gradually developed a spreadsheet of A/B test data. The list grew to more than 800 tests by the time McAfe acquired ScanAlert in Jan. 2008. I took the results and used them in many different projects; from handouts and booth graphics at trade shows, to online collateral and PDFs that our sales reps could email prospects.

This marketing piece is from 2007, and incorporates the final of the three marketing collateral design styles we used between 2002-2008. I wrote the copy and chose the data and customers for inclusion.

It’s designed to overwhelm prospects with the adoption proof, and household names using our service. That approach had worked very well; by the middle of 2007, over 60% of the retailers comprising the Internet Retailer Top 500 list operated HACKER SAFE-certified websites.