Skills: Product Mktg

Success Story: ScanAlert (Palo Alto Software)

A success story or success snapshot is another important part of the customer success marketing toolbox. In contrast to a formal case study, a success story is a much quicker way to deliver the details of a customer’s experience with your product or service. The success story format lends itself to scanning (rather than reading) so someone who isn’t going to read a case study can still learn the key points and takeaways of your customer’s implementation and ROI.

This is a ScanAlert success story written about Palo Alto Software’s experience with HACKER SAFE website security certification. I researched and wrote it. The design template was done in house, using the visual look and feel ScanAlert used circa 2005. (The look and feel was the second of three styles we used between 2002 and 2008).

Great for Vertical Selling
I wrote success stories on dozens of ScanAlert customers, ensuring that we had at least one or two for each retailing vertical our sales force was targeting. They provided a peer-to-peer validation that was valuable for the sales reps to email to prospects during a sales cycle.

Many IT vendors don’t produce success stories, thinking that case studies are sufficient. They are, if you are 100% sure your audience reads them. As noted above, they’re extremely useful in drip marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you’re using an automated system or something more ad hoc or organic.