Skills: Mktg Communications

White Paper: FastPivot (Enhancing SuiteCommerce)

For 15 years, FastPivot has provided a range of consulting services, site designs and technologies to help ecommerce merchants improve traffic, conversions and profits. During this time, the company has developed a strong knowledgebase of transferrable ecommerce best practices that are applicable to any ecommerce platform.

As Shopify, Magento and Netsuite’s SuiteCommerce platforms have become increasingly popular, FastPivot has looked to promote its best practice-driven consulting knowledge to retailers on those platforms.

This white paper is the first marketing asset FastPivot has produced for SuiteCommerce retailers. I researched and wrote a draft, using the Before and After experience of a retailer that recently contracted with FastPivot for a site redesign.

It was used during FastPivot CEO’s presentation at the 2013 SuiteWorld conference in May, and will be distributed in a content marketing campaign later in the summer. As it is a current marketing asset, I’ve only published the introduction here. You can download the complete PDF at