Skills: Mktg Communications

White Paper: ScanAlert (Digital Window Shopping Report)

A/B tests tracking the effect on online shopping behavior of the HACKER SAFE trustmark were a huge part of ScanAlert’s marketing, public relations, SMB sales and enterprise sales activities. Test results showed that the presence of the trustmark image boosted site conversion.

The aggregated data and behavior observed during the tests also revealed that shoppers would often return to buy many hours and days after first visiting an ecommerce site. We called this behavior digital window shopping.

Thought Leadership and Media Coverage Using Data
The public relations and thought leadership activities I implemented to promote the discovery were a terrific publicity vehicle for ScanAlert and the HACKER SAFE brand. I wrote the first report in 2005, collecting the supporting data, turning into it a merchandisable white paper format, and promoting the findings in media such as the Wall Street Journal and Internet Retailer.

The publicity efforts paid off tremendously, garnering us national media coverage and the opportunity to emphasize that hundreds of America’s top retailers were using HACKER SAFE. We also used it in various content marketing programs, promoting it using email marketing, for example.

This is the 2006 report. While the layout (particularly the cover design) is more modern than the original version of a year earlier, our graphic designer chose a lighter contrast font color. The fresher design was part of the quickly evolving corporate identity we implemented as ScanAlert grew from a scrappy startup into a more enterprise-ready IT security vendor.