It’s satisfying to do good work. It’s even more satisfying to hear back from people with or for whom you did that good work. Here is feedback from some of my bosses, clients and co-workers:


“Nigel played an integral part in ScanAlert’s success. His marketing contributions were in both leadership and hands-on roles. Nigel displayed a particular gift for capital-efficient and guerrilla-style tactics that really established our brand in the ecommerce space. 

He is always committed to the Big Picture, comfortable in fast-paced, collaborative team environments, yet able to thrive independently. An extremely fast learner with excellent interpersonal skills, he can easily build networks of business contacts and resources. If you’re looking for someone to plan and execute go-to-market activities, generate brand awareness, and start revenue flowing, he is an “out of the box” marketing pro who will make it happen.”

Ken Leonard


I met Nigel when we needed a marketing expert to help us at a high tech start-up. He quickly became an extended member of my team. I enjoyed working with him so much that over the years as I have moved jobs I have contracted him to assist me with various PR and content marketing projects. There are a lot of people who think they can do marketing but Nigel is one of the select few who actually is a great marketer. I couldn’t recommend him enough – if you are looking for a creative thinker who can not only plan but also implement, then Nigel is the right person for you.

Nazita Fadakar Saye
External Communications Manager, Mechanical Analysis Division
Mentor Graphics


I contracted with Nigel for a long-term lead generation project. What an awesome success! Although we only had a vague idea of what we wanted to do, he took our (very brief) creative brief, and turned it into one of the best lead gen programs we ever did. Over a ten-month period, it delivered tremendous ROI.

I have always found his counsel valuable and on target. He’s an engaging marketing professional, and never at a loss for a creative idea when brainstorming. And, when the brainstorming is done, he’s continually demonstrated the ability to turn ideas into action, and action into measurable results.”

Evodio Walle
Director of Marketing


Nigel created ScanAlert’s SEO program, expanding and leveraging it to drive in-bound traffic for HACKER SAFE and the eventual rebranding to McAfee SECURE. He tends to dive-deep into product understanding, beyond what most team members possess, which let’s him be an out-of-the-box thinker who can actually implement. He’s an engaging writer and communicator who deeply understands the role that captivating content plays in the conversion funnel.

Linda Caplinger
Senior Manager SEO/SEM, Worldwide Search Marketing


Nigel is an experienced marketing allrounder who brings to the table broad knowledge on many aspects of the topic. His inputs and insights from the wide range of companies he has worked with over the years were extremely valuable when creating the business plan and initial marketing strategy for IPfolio. 

Among his many skills, the most outstanding one from my experience is Nigel’s writing ability. He can pick up almost any topic and write a well-researched, informative, and entertaining piece on it. He is always full of ideas, finds the most fitting analogies, and really knows how to tell a great story.”

Rupert Mayer
IPfolio Corporation


Nigel helped us double the case sales of our flagship wine label, the girls in the vineyard. While refining our wine portfolio in 2010, and figuring out how to position the Art+Farm family in the marketplace, I engaged Nigel to help us with branding and messaging. He was very good, creating a captivating “story” for the girls in the vineyard wines that helped it stand out in a highly competitive industry where branding and storytelling are so critical.

Nigel brings a natural curiosity to everything. He didn’t have a lot of specific wine industry experience but he’s a smart guy who throws himself into new industries and markets. After what seemed like a million questions in just two hours, our first meeting ended, and he left with a ton of notes and some surprisingly astute ideas on what we needed to do. The project progressed quickly and we ended up with the updated branding that has proven so effective in doubling our customer base.”

Kat McDonald
Art + Farm Wine


Six years in a startup is a long and winding journey. Nigel was a really good person to have on ours. He brought a can-do personality, energy, enthusiasm, and an esprit de corps that is so vital when trying to reach profitability. Gifted with excellent written and verbal communication skills, he worked tirelessly to plan and implement the marketing programs that ultimately created the high profile our HACKER SAFE brand enjoyed prior to our acquisition by McAfee. 

Nigel particularly excelled at corporate and product marketing, working directly with our CEO to manage strategic planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation. He was able to develop and nurture cross-functional relationships internally with executives, sales teams, and our engineering staff, and externally with customers, sales and biz dev partners and the media. He researched and pursued marketing opportunities, and then executed programs and activities, depending on the situation, as a leader, team member, and individual contributor. He thrived in our fast-paced environment, and proved adept at formulating creative solutions to so many of our opportunities and challenges.”

Mick Doherty
VP of Sales


Nigel really understands the importance in B2B marketing of incorporating the customer’s voice front and center into a marketing program. I was a ScanAlert customer for four years, during which time he was fantastic at creating multiple opportunities for me in which I talked about our positive experience with ScanAlert’s service. His title may have been Director of Marketing but it might as well have been Director of Customer Success because he ensured that the value proposition during the sales process was delivered (in the form of testimonials, case studies, and videos) by ecommerce retailers to ecommerce retailers. That was pretty convincing.”

James Pappas
E-commerce Manager
Wrangler Jeans


Nigel is very good at articulating revenue opportunities in the channel. He excelled as an evangelist for ScanAlert, showing us how to leverage the Visa credit card security compliance service into higher margin sales opportunities throughout Southern Asia. I found Nigel’s breadth and depth of experiences gave him a unique ability to connect the dots and understand and manage priorities. He was personable, responsive and actively engaged in our success.”

John Peacham
Manager – PCI Compliance Services
Vectra Corporation


Nigel is a resourceful thinker and an enthusiastic doer. The success of our channel program at Attracta speaks to how thoroughly he has honed these two characteristics. 

The highly visible promotion that he organized at the HostingCon 2010 trade show was a very successful and cost-effective introduction of our SaaS reselling opportunity. It immediately established us within the hosting industry as a company worth talking to. In collaboration with our graphic designer, Nigel produced the elements all successful channel programs require; compelling sales content and inside sales scripts, digital marketing resources such as dashboard content and email marketing templates, partner media kits, customer on-boarding information, and first-tier customer support resources.”

Troy McCasland
VP, Business Development


My experience with Nigel is primarily from his role as ScanAlert’s Director of Business Development. I have a lot of experience working with business development and channel sales reps, and Nigel is one of the best I’ve worked with in the past 15 years. 
 He is honest, energetic and very responsive.”

He really helped our company introduce HACKER SAFE certification into the Taiwanese market and make it a successful addition to our product line. He worked closely with us to see the potential of selling the service in Taiwan. He made sure we had everything we needed to be successful, information, administrative assistance, and technical training. He gave me the marketing materials and content we thought would be relevant to Taiwanese customers. If he didn’t have them already, he created them for us.

Julian Su
iSecurity Inc.