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The Most Unprofessional Business Email Ever

Maybe it was an error in translation?
Maybe it’s just because the organizers are Dutch?
Maybe the Dutch are just more forward about mixing professional development opportunities with sex?

I’ve no idea. But if your native language is English, you can’t help but shake your head at an email I received today for an upcoming Social Science for Startups event in Amsterdam.

After watching a really interesting webinar (featuring Science Rockstars’ Maurits Kaptein) a couple of weeks ago about persona marketing, I received a follow-email invitation this morning to come to Amsterdam and learn about behavioral change. As if learning about the latest online persuasion research and techniques was insufficient, the organizers also offered this bit of intrigue, “…let’s see if we can get some piece of ass…” (See for yourself below)

Most-Unprofessional-Business Email-Ever

Unprofessional or just inappropriate? Dutch event for IT marketers promises latest research on behavioral marketing and opportunity to get “some piece of ass.”

Huh? What the hell are they talking about? Is everyone going to hit the clubs afterwards? Are they talking about cruising Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District? How about a slumber party on a canal barge? Why not also throw in an invitation for an afternoon pot brownie picnic the next day?

This is, by a large margin, the weirdest and most unprofessional business email I’ve ever received. I don’t know if they’re being serious, funny, or just European? It reads more like a draft typed by a rising sophomore intern the morning after a half-dozen Pabst Blue Ribbons.

It is just me, or do most people like to separate their professional education and hookup opportunities? My suggestion to the organizers, Stefanos and Arjan, is to replace the “get some piece of ass” part with something more benign like “group dinner to follow.” I guarantee Arjan, you’ll get more attendance from married people whose spouses happen to read their email.

Until that edit, this remains the gold standard for most unprofessional business email.