Project Description

IPfolio: IP Management Software


Strategy: Early-stage research & planning 

Advertising: Creative director and ad copywriting 

Blogging: Authored dozens of posts

Content Marketing: Created & managed program, including special projects & reports

Customer Outreach: Research & execution of case studies, spotlights, etc.

Events: Event management & planning

Media Relations: Bylined articles, 

Social Media: Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Video: Directed & produced testimonial clips & educational content

Website: Content creation, site updates


Became portfolio management market leader in the mid-tier category and was acquired in Q4 2018.

The Power of Creative Content Marketing

An internally incubated startup that was ultimately spun out of the parent company, IPfolio was conceived by Founder and CEO Rupert Mayer as a powerful yet lightweight IP portfolio management system. I originally joined as a FT Director of Marketing to assist during the initial incubation period, which comprised all of the Go-to-Market activities you’d expect at this stage in a B2B SaaS startup’s lifecycle: strategy and positioning, messaging iteration, development of a digital presence (branding, website design and development, initial content marketing), sales enablement (creating sales and marketing assets and resources), and event planning and management.

After a year as an FTE at IPfolio, I returned as a marketing contractor two years later. It had doubled headcount despite some marketing communications and product marketing holes, which I filled. During this “second time around”, I brought in my preferred design resource for product marketing, a website update and other digital marketing and marketing communications requirements. Content marketing was a big focus and something we had a lot of fun executing. In particular, we produced four analyzes of IP as it relates to four high-profile events:

IP of Santa’s Sleigh

– IP of Super Bowl 50

– IP of the Fourth of July

– IP of the FIFA World Cup

Popular with customers and IP media, they countered an oft-cited misconception that “doing marketing for boring industries” must be pedestrian. What those commentators ignore is that people working in niche, non-sexy industries are humans who want to be educated and entertained like everyone else. So we found ways to talk about IP and highlight the utility and value of IPfolio’s software platform beyond simply droning on about three new features. All the content we produced was reused in IPfolio’s marketing automation-driven lead nurturing outreach. 

Three years after I returned, IPfolio was acquired by iPan. IPfolio’s product, marketing differentiation and customer service mania distinguished the company in a market where too many competitors focus on an ever-expanding feature list as their unique selling point. In software categories where features can be easily copied by competitors, product functionality often isn’t sufficient to drive growth. In those situations, a boldly creative marketing program makes you stand apart. 

Nigel’s inputs and insights from the wide range of companies he has worked with over the years were extremely valuable when creating the IPfolio business plan and initial marketing strategy. Among his many skills, the most outstanding one from my experience is his writing ability. He can pick up almost any topic and write a well-researched, informative, and entertaining piece on it. Always full of ideas, finds the most fitting analogies, and really knows how to tell a great story.”


Inject Some Creative Magic Into Your Marketing


Maybe you can use an outside eye. Perhaps you need an outsider to analyze your lead scoring, tweak your in-bound nurturing logic, or update what you’re saying and whom you’re saying it to. This is what we do. All the time.