Project Description

Reinvigorating 10-Year-Old Software Company For Growth

Located in Provo, Utah, Mozenda is a major player in web scraping. It’s more than a decade old and firmly established. A very capable Director of Marketing, Mike Alvarez was in place. So why did the COO ask me for an external perspective? That’s the point; sometimes, an experienced and unbiased mind can see opportunity and clarity where others can’t. 

This was a mutually enjoyable and successful 16-month engagement very similar to the renovation of an old home. Collaborating with Mike throughout, we started by stripping everything back to the studs, took a close look and then modernized what needed updating. We analyzed enterprise and SME sales processes, conducted customer research to gather data on market perceptions and identified opportunities to tweak positioning and freshen up the messaging. The research and analysis phase complete, we started updating Mozenda’s entire digital marketing presence and activities. 

We upgraded the corporate brand and visual look-and-feel. The website was completely revised and revised to improve navigation and drive self-signups. Free trial registrations were boosted by simplifying pricing details, educating visitors through use cases and education, and showcasing customer success. Testimonials were placed throughout the site to emphasize Mozenda’s value to both large and small organizations in any industry. Filling product marketing and marketing communications holes were priorities. We did it with educational and sales content, application recommendations, new case studies and three superbly produced customer videos. 

The marketing foundation established by this extensive and varied project helped Mozenda exit a three-year period of flat sales. In each of the next two years, revenue rose over 20%. Mike blew away his 2018 and 2019 MQL targets, momentum that continues into 2020.



IT Software & Services


Strategy: Updated marketing plans

Messaging: Revised corporate positioning & product messaging

Sales enablement: Sales sheets and presentation decks

Content marketing: Created and executed annual plan

Blogs: Authored >12 posts based on content schedules

Videos: Creative direction, storyboards scripts and final edits

Strategy: Updated marketing plans

Websites: Complete redesign (site architecture, wireframes & content)

Email marketing: Revising content and plans for nurturing campaigns


Within six months, Mozenda was receiving more monthly leads than sales team could handle

Sales revenue rose >20% annually over next two years

Customer Testimonial: Video
Customer Testimonial: Online Case Study
Online case study
Customer Testimonial: Video
Website scraping, manual or automated

“Nigel has a brilliant mind. He can either come up with ideas for concepts or put the right thought process behind existing ideas to make them a success. His ability to also just “go for it” in terms of allowing his creative mind to go further than other minds dare to go, is what I believe helped to nail the messaging we needed at Mozenda to move our market position closer towards our focus on enterprise account sales. Nigel is truly gifted in messaging, positioning, strategy & copy, with the unique ability to make it all fit together in a way that just works. “


Add Some Marketing Brilliance to Your Marketing


You may not even recognize all the marketing opportunities available or prioritize the obvious ones. There may only be a nagging voice in your head that you could be doing better. Perhaps you need an outsider to analyze your lead scoring, tweak your in-bound nurturing logic, or update what you’re saying and whom you’re saying it to.