Why Marketing is like Football

A Useful Analogy for Marketing Budget Discussions If you’re trying to justify a large marketing budget for the coming year, October is a great time to reference football. Not only is Q4 when budget discussions occur, there’s a seasonal reference you can drop into budget discussions with managers who avidly follow the

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Why Brexit Was a Communications Failure

Did Remain Lost the Brexit Vote Due to Messaging Errors? Notwithstanding the obvious fact that it is a self-inflicted crisis, Brexit is certainly the biggest political challenge that Britain has faced this century. As British PM Boris Johnson lurches into a negotiation dead-end of his own making, it’s a fascinating event to

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What Do B2B Startup Marketers Do?

Creating a Marketing Foundation for Corporate Success If you have ever wondered what B2B startup marketers do during their long work days, here's a composite sketch structured as I were talking to a class of graduating college students curious about a possible future in B2B startup marketing. Based on my own experience

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What Marketers Can Learn from an NCAA Football Coach

Jim Harbaugh Works in a More Regulated Industry Than You “His unique willingness to question the status quo will inevitably produce another loophole-seeking missile to upset his peers in due time.” ESPN on Michigan Wolverine Head Coach Jim Harbaugh (April 2016) Recruiting elite high school players is how college football

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TechTarget Spam: Lead Gen Gone Wild

No One Does Spam Quite Like TechTarget Business media publisher TechTarget is a great example of how marketers can get the wrong idea when someone opts-in to their offer.  It’s a great example of lead gen gone wild. TechTarget is a pretty big online media publisher. According to the Wikipedia entry.

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Every Company Needs a Crisis Communications Plan

The Best Time to Create a Crisis Communications Plan Was Yesterday They work in completely different industries, but the very recent experiences of celebrity chef Paula Dean and railway operator Ed Burkhardt illustrate why every company needs a crisis communications plan. Especially in our always-on digital world. Both waited far too long

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Weirdest Marketing Automation Email Ever

Marketing Automation Gone Wild An error in translation?  Maybe it’s just because the organizers are Dutch?  Maybe the Dutch are just more forward about mixing professional development opportunities and hookups? I’ve no idea what's going on here. But if your native language is English, you can’t help but shake your head

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